Thursday, September 24, 2015

REVIEW: Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone


Every once in a while I start a book and my reaction goes a little like this:

!!!!, and tweets like this : "Ah! @insertauthorsnamehere book is so amazing!!, Buy It now!"

And then there is the inevitable pinterest pins of the cover,goodreads comments and other ( to many to mention) fangirl actions through out the read. Then it comes time for the review and the challenge.

How do I compress all that emotion into one post that will combine my experiences and convince you to pick up the book?

I can't.

See all you lovelies aren't here with me in person so I can't shove the book in your hands and utter those words all book sharers utter "Trust Me, it's GREAT"

So instead I'm going to focus on some of the attributes that make Max Gladstone's book such a pleasure .


From the opening pages Dead creates
an atmosphere that not only intrigues readers in the narrative but smoothly slips us into the magical, yet also spiritual and scientific aspects of the story.

Tara Abernathy is our guide in this story. Recently dismissed from the Hidden Schools, Tara has returned to the Badlands and her family home.

Tara is a Crafter but her dismissal from the school leaves her in interesting circumstances. She bears the magical runes that show her prowess in the Craft but in her hometown her skills are frowned upon so she briefly tries to live life without using her talents.

It doesn't last. On the verge of being
discovered disturbing the graves of two
of the local residents Tara is recruited by
Elayne Kevarian, a member of the firm
Kelethras, Albrect, and Ao.

Elayne is on a mission for the city of Alt Coulumb, she enlists Tara to support her and possibly be an associate at the firm.

I loved Tara immediately. She is so smart and driven. Tara's mental and magical talents make her a natural investigator.

This opportunity also allows Tara to be who she truly is: a Crafter. Magic is in her, body and soul. Doing well on this case will allow her to continue on the Crafter path.


There are some astounding magical and spiritual concept in Three Parts Dead. Max does a much better job describing them then I ever could :) I did find his concepts of prayer and magic really well thought out and a source of surprise and entertainment.

At the heart of this story however is the
mystery surrounding the death of the god Ko. The city of Alt Coulumb has l very little time before their city collapses due to the absence of Ko's flame.

When it is discovered that Ko's fate may be a premeditated murder,the danger factor in the case increases.

I love a good mystery and seeing it unfold in a universe that is completely new to me was very enjoyable.


I accepted this book based on the books description but I fell in love with the cover. Not only does Chris McGrath and Nina Subin wonderfully
show a visual representations of Tara's world but I also loved seeing a racially diverse character on the cover.

I've been a fan of fantasy and science fiction books for many years. The genre has always been a passion of mine despite the fact that the characters in the books and films I enjoyed didn't "look" like me.

Tara is a wonderful character and due to the nature of her world and the themes of the book, it really doesn't make a difference what color she is , but it's great that she's an ethnic character. I hope this cover might apart some interest in some one who doesn't usually read Fantasy.

A very solid debut! I'm really enjoying the wide range of fiction books Tor has been publishing lately. Hope you give this book a try.

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Jennifer | Book Den said...

That is high praise. I will add this to my wishlist.