Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Many Lives of Lilith Lane Episode 1



Many Lives of Lilith Lane is an experiment in serialized YA Fiction. It is being released in 5 parts by Amazon. I was given the first four episodes/ chapters for Review! For us non-kindle owners here is info on how you can read the story, from a little Q&A I did with the publicist :

1) Is this serial only available  on Kindle?

Yes. This one is only available on Kindle. Amazon locked these up for a time of limited exclusivity.

2) Is the story available for those who have Kindle apps on their phone or I Pad?

Yup! Totally available in Kindle App

3)Will the completed copy of the story be a physical book  or e-book?

Both. Amazon has said they will make physical books, audio books and e-books of everything.

Let's Dive into the story! In this first chapter we meet Lilith, a smart teenager living in a very uncomfortable home situation. Lilith's father is a disgraced surgeon who is frequently absent from the family .

Lilith's mother is an alcoholic, mostly due to the pain of her husbands many infidelities. Lilith copes by trying to enjoy her handsome boyfriend and her new "cool" status. Lilith also finds joy in her younger sister Beth.

Prior to being a part of the in crowd, Lilith had a passion for solving mysteries. It's a part of her life she has
let go of and actually deemed childish.

Until the morning Lilith wakes up and finds her sister has disappeared . For the first time Lilith encounters failure in her sleuthing, and even worse Beth's body turns up 2 weeks later pushing Lilith into a state of grief and anxiety that she contemplates her life on the roof of the Hammer building and face to face with Dr. Hammer a man who has good cause to hate Lilith and her family.

Instead of anger, Hammer offers Lilith the world, an alternate world in fact a world where Beth may be alive and all
Lilith needs to do is jump!

A lot goes on in the first 29 pages of this story.

The writing is solid and Lilith's character is easy to relate to and I wanted to know what was coming next for Her.

Join me tomorrow for a Review of Part 2!

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