Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: The Many Lives of Lilith Lane Episode 2



In this second episode Lilith's investigation into her sisters killer switches into high gear, especially since her father has been arrested for the crime.

We also see Lilith making some changes in her life based on the choices the other Lilith made in her world. The most important change she makes is ending the estrangement she has had with her former best friend Pamela. Not only does this ease a pain for Lilith emotionally but Pamela also provides a valuable clue to the investigation, one that puts her life in danger and shows Lilith how she and those she cares for are at risk during her investigation.

I really enjoyed this portion of the story also, especially as more and more suspects came to the forefront.

This episode moves really quickly but still provides depth for the characters and moves the story along nicely.

Join me Thursday for the Review of part 3!

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