Monday, November 5, 2012

REVIEW: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Harper Teen                             

Sequel to Delirium

Delirium was one of my favorite reads last year. Lena's story was the one dystopia read where I really felt myself absorbed in the characters world and the subtle events that lead her to make drastic changes. The heart of Lena's world shift was Alex. Lena's fascination and ultimately love for Alex caused her to question her world , discover secrets about her mothers past and make the ultimate sacrafice: to leave the comfort of her life and run into the Wilds with Alex. An escape that cost one of them their lives.

I counted the days to Deliriums release! Ultimately however my TBR pile got away from me and I've just now gotten to it.

Pandemonium is unique in many ways. First off I found this book really stood on it's own. This book is a personal journey for Lena along with a thorough education of the world of the Wild's.

There are many chapters where we learn about the homesteads outside the city. The homes of the Invalid's are rustic yet free. There is a strong connection to resistance supporters who deliver supplies to the groups.

 Immediately Lena is taken under the care of one of the leaders of the Homestead, Raven.

 The others in the group greet Lena with varying degrees on hostility and indifference. Here Lena quietly mourns Alex in her heart and grows stronger.

There is another Lena in the pages of Pandemonium as well.
This Lena has once again infiltrated a major city, New York working with the resistance and is tasked to keep a close watch on Julian Fineman, son of a very powerful leader of the DFA a group pushing to have the "cure" given to a younger generation of children.

Following orders Lena finds herself captured and held prisoner with Julian. Desperate times create an unexpected bond, as the two find their is very little space between their experiences and eventually their hearts.

Oliver really keeps the pagesturning with the now and then chapters. The one part of the novel that didn't ring true for me however was the relationship between Julian and Lena. Oliver does give us sufficient examples of Lena thinking about and mourning Alex, but she still seemed to gravitate towards Julian very quickly. She came across as a touch fickle.

There is plenty thought provoking concepts, highly readable dialogue and scenes and action. I'm looking forward to seeing what new aspects of Lena will reveal themselves in the finale of this series.

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