Friday, November 2, 2012

REVIEW:Perry’s Killer Playlist



Sequel To: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

Things have been going very well for Perry. His family has recovered from the tornado that was Gobi Zaksauskas.  Perry is now a student at Columbia and  dating Paula, a really hot older woman who is responsible for his ban Inchworm’s European tour. Yet still the shadow of Gobi breathes inside Perry’s heart. So much so that Perry finds himself at Harry’s Bar in Venice, a place Gobi had mentioned to him as a potential meeting place.

It doesn't take long before muscular men with guns are menacing Perry outside the bar and Gobi is there to rescue him. And then kidnap him! Once again Gobi is on a mysterious assassin mission and Perry is caught in the middle, wondering at his horrible luck and yet secretly happy to be in Gobi’s presence once more.

This was a solid, fun read. There has definitely been some growth on Perry’s part, but yet he is still awkward around Gobi. As the two hit the road escaping from the police and the CIA, old passions are fanned to flames and secret objectives revealed.
This book is full of car chases, shootouts and surprising moments of vulnerability on Gobi’s part.The chapters are short and action packed and the playlist for each chapter really sets the theme of the book. Loved seeing Perry’s character grow a bit and the action scenes. A great addition to the series, want more adventures from these two!

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