Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days: Day 1: My Holiday Traditions Old & New

Hello Everyone! Today is the kickoff for my Holiday themed event 12 days ! Every day I will have a 12 Days post where I share info on how I like to celebrate the season as well as book reviews and guest posts! Be sure to comment on every post! Not only so you can share your holiday celebrations but also for a chance at a $30.00 dollar gift card!

My Traditions

My Holiday Season always begins the Day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving weekend was always a relaxing fun time for my family, well maybe a little more work for my mother but she never complained. My mother enjoyed the Holidays so much that  all the decorations were pulled out the Day after Thanksgiving. I still have wonderful memories about pulling those boxes down from the attic an decorating each room. After the house was decorated we would pile into the car and drive to a Christmas Tree farm and pick our tree.

I still keep that tradition though I use artificial trees. This year I've changed things up. I have two trees:

Here is my Green tree 


This year I decided to take all my Star Wars , Spongebob and Disney ornaments on one tree. I've had a lot of fun doing this and I will definitely do it again next year.

I really love Holiday ornaments. The fact that I could fill two trees this year and am currently working on a zombie tree shows I have a large ornament selection. Every year brings an opportunity to revisit Ornaments of holiday's past and of course to buy new ones!

                            I got this great ornament at Cost Plus:

                                                     Holiday Reading

I really enjoy reading holiday themed books, especially Romance during the Holiday season. This year I'm participating in this reading challenge:

              Here are some of the books I'll be reading and reviewing:

Puzzles & Games

I always buy at least one puzzle or activity book every Holiday Season. I find it's a welcome Oasis in a busy season and it's just fun. Here are two great ones I picked up for this year.


 These are just a few of the traditions I keep every year. I will be sharing more about these topics over the next few days. Don't forget to scroll down and read today's 12 Days Review about Dickens and Victorian Christmas traditions. Also share some of your Holiday Traditions with me in the comments!

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Bianca said...

I used to go out with my mom to pick and cut down a tree and it was always so much fun. Always so much giggling. I live with my cousin now and she doesn't like live trees so that was a little hard to get used to. We have a little fake tree and it is always up a little before thanksgiving. We love Christmas and decorating. We really need to put our lights up outside.

Just got to say 3 trees? That is pretty impressive :D

Alaine88 said...

Decorating the tree is always such a fun tradition for my family!

Texas Book Lover said...

We used to get a real tree and occasionally cut it down. Not any more I miss it.

I couldn't imagine three trees. Just getting my one big one takes a long time!

Mary Preston said...

We decorated our home & tree just today. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

fredamans said...

I love, love, love your green tree and that lil white reindeer... so cute!

Carol L. said...

I used to start the day after Thanksgiving. It was always tradition while my 7 kids were growing up. Now that they have their own families I don't start until about the second week in December.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com