Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days Day 10: The History of Holiday Traditions

I purchased a copy of this book from my library bookstore and I love it! My version is from 1988. The book is full of recipe's, hints on gift giving and the history of the season. I learned that Americans were  very quick to ignore the Puritans rules against celebration, especially the Southern states.
Some historians even speculate that Washington's historic victory on December 25th 1776 because the Germans were ill prepared due to holiday celebrations.
There are great articles in this book about illustrator Thomas Nast, giving books as holiday presents ( yay!) , how to stuff a stocking and many more. I'm in love with this series and really want to track down other volumes.
In Dave Foley's  Christmas In The Good Old Days I learned about many women who published fiction and non-fiction accounts of the Christmas season. Eliza Ripley born in !832 in Lexington Kentucky  wrote two novels and : The Last Christmas a recollection of the holiday season on a plantation.
Louisa May Alcott's story A Hospital Christmas is included in this volume as well. My most enjoyable discovery was Lucretia Peabody Hale who published a successful series of fiction stories called the Peterkin  Papers. These stories where full of comedy and good cheer and a Christmas themed one is included in the volume.
I really enjoyed learning more about Holiday history,
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Fiery Na said...

I like books like these because they are filled with fun tidbits that are interesting and easy to remember. There might be a story or two or a recipe that will stick in my mind long after the season.

Mary Preston said...

A book to share. I love learning about other traditions. Explain some myths or legends along the way too.


Bwyatt said...

Oh, this book sounds great. I love that its an older book with lots of history.

Vasilly said...

This sounds like my kind of book. Great highlight, Kai!