Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days Day 9 : Animals Of The Season


 I've noticed in the past couple of years that a lot of seasonal gifts : ornaments, gift bags, tissue paper etc., have been using a lot of nature and animal patterns. The natural world meant a lot to mankind's ancestors. The coming of winter especially required a preparation of a great deal of food and game to survive the long winter months. I loved learning more about the various animals and their importance to various cultures in The Winter Solstice book.  
 Stag and Boar 
These two animals were the source of many traditions and Holiday feasts. The Celts especially revered the Boar, believing it a sacred gift.
 Many songs and stories feature around the hunting of the stag.
The Parliament of Birds  
The Wren is also a powerful symbol of the season. In the story Parliament of Birds it is explained how the simple wren beat out all the stronger birds to win the title of King. There were also wren hunts for years in England until they came close to extinction.  
The animals of the Nativity are surrounded with many stories and myths. Most notable is the story of the Animals being given the ability to speak on Christmas Eve.
I really enjoy this return of nature themed gifts and ornaments. I've also been reading some really great books with animals. Scroll down below to see reviews of three of my favorite.
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fredamans said...

I was looking to get a nativity scene this year and couldn't believe how expensive they were!

Fiery Na said...

I like ornaments that are meaningful and those that reflect nature is one of them. I like the polar bears and white owls, which reminds me all the more of the season.

Mary Preston said...

What a fascinating book. I always love learning about different traditions & how we got our present traditions too.