Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days Holiday Romance: A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs



Random House/ Waterbrook

This was such a wonderful read! From the first pages I was drawn into the Meg's story. It's December 24th,1894 and Margaret Campbell has fled her parents home and is at the train station in Stirling Scotland, desperate to get home to Edinburgh.

It is cold and Meg is heartbroken after a disastrous evening with her family, especially her brother. Boarding one of the last trains out of Stirling, Meg notices an attractive young gentleman sitting in the car with her. Gordon Shaw, recognizes Meg right away and wonders at his feelings towards a woman who has every reason to hate him.

As the train leaves the station Gordon cannot resist making  Meg's acquaintance. The two share a definite connection reinforced by their reliance on each other after the train they are traveling on breaks down.  Now the storm has forced them to return to Sterling for the Holidays. Meg is fretful now that she has no option but to return to her families home. Especially since she has learned Gordon's true identity and the unfortunate connection the two of them share.  Gordon however is not letting the chance to make amends to Meg's family pass him buy. not only has a chance for redemption come for both of them but even love.

This book is everything I crave in a holiday romance: wonderful characters, holiday celebrations and a wonderful romance. I especially loved the quotes before each chapter  the very informative readers guide, and the recipe for Holiday Shortbread!

This novella has mad me a fan of Liz Curtis Higgs, I already have her other books on my TBR pile :)


Fiery Na said...

I love Here Burns My Cnadle and Mine is the Night by this author :)

Cheoy Lee said...

A very apt read for the season! One to grab a hot chocolate with and enjoy ;)

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