Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Days Review: Adventures in Cartooning Christmas Special


This was a fun little read. The story opens with Santa Claus feeling a bit disappointed with the current state of the Holidays.
Finding that his entire factory has been computerized, Santa decides to create a comic book to entertain the children. He even plans to deliver it himself until he finds his sleigh has been dismantled years ago. Now Santa is on a quest to give every boy and girl his creative effort.
Santa's elves bring him a heroic warrior to inspire them with tails of action and chivalry.The art in this books is very well down , it's crisp clean and has very brilliant colors. A very solid , entertaining book though the rhyming got a little bit on my nerves after a while.
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Fiery Na said...

I've read plenty of Santa stories. Many cute and colorful but this is a different take. It seems modern because Santa is worried about the modernization of his factory (oh no!). As long as the spirit of Christmas is there I know it'll be a jolly read. And yes I know what you mean about too much rhyming in some books.

Mary Preston said...

I do love dragons, so this should be a fun read.


Carol L. said...

Such a different story theme for Santa. Look colorful and exciting.
Carol L
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