Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days Review: Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett

Since today's main post is about winter weather and sleigh rides I decided to share another review about a book where snow and forest landscapes are involved. Enjoy! And don't forget to tell me your thoughts for contest enteries!

Houghton Mifflin Company
This is such a gorgeously illustrated book. From the opening pages when we see a snow covered cabin and the border art showing Annie and her cat Taffy the reader is drawn into a dual adventure story.
Annie is curious about her cat Taffy's behavior. Taffy has been sleeping more than normal, eating a lot more food and curling up into very strange locations. Then one day Taffy completely disappears. Annie looks and looks but she cannot find Taffy. In her disappointment Annie decides she must find another friend. Annie takes some homemade corn cakes to the woods and waits to see what animal will come upon her. First off is a Moose, who is much to big. The next morning after another corn cake is placed there is a moose and a wildcat, the morning after a Bear joins the hungry group of animals. Then more and more animals as well: A Stag, Wolf and many more.
All of the animals are waiting for more of Annie's treats but she is out and so they all wander away. Annie's sadness returns but it won't last long because throughout her search for a friend the reader knows the secret of Taffy's disappearance and knows a special gift is headed Annie's way in the spring.
I've read this book twice know and each time some little nuance warms my heart and makes me smile. This is the type of book that will thrill Child and Adult alike, It deserves a special place in every personal library and a re-read every holiday season :)
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Fiery Na said...

Another great sounding story with a child and animals. I'm curious about Taffy's disappearance now. One thing I enjoy about illustrated books is being able to see Annie's world as it is.

fredamans said...

My first time hearing of Annie and her cat. Would have loved it as a child I bet!

Mary Preston said...

This looks like a wonderful story.


Carol L. said...

I'd love this for the grandkids. Love the stories with Animals and Children. My grandkids tend to gravitate towards these stories most.At least the youngest ones.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com