Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days Review : One Little Christmas Tree by Curto & Fischer

Today's Holiday post is about Christmas Traditions and Stories. Here is a review about one of the most enjoyable traditions: Picking a Christmas Tree! 

My favorite part of the Holiday's is seasonal books. This was a sweet little read. It is the story of Alfred a little tree that's biggest wish is to be selected by a family. As seasons past Alfred despairs about his chances. All the families want the big tall trees and Little Alfred has a lot of growth to go.
This is a perfect book for families to read to little ones. It will teach them a lot about respecting and loving  the tree they bring into their homes. 

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fredamans said...

I just finished this one recently and thought it was a fantastic read for kids and parents.

Fiery Na said...

That's what I love best about children's books. The whole family can enjoy them and the message is great. Respect and love are things to strive for always.

Patent box attorney said...

The "One Little Christmas Tree" book looks adorable!

Mary Preston said...

I would expect a very sweet read. Wonderful!!