Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Romance: The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall



Waterbrook/Random House

Amish themed romances have been on the rise lately. I think readers are drawn by a sense of curiosity and the seemingly simplicity of the Amish life. I've heard a lot of positive buzz about Cindy Woodsmall's books so I decided to try one of her Christmas themed books.

First off I must say that this book was a very quick and enjoyable read. Yes Mattie is Amish and thus lives with certain restrictions in her life, but it is apparent that Mattie loves her life and her family. She is even a small business owner. Mattie has a passion for cakes and decorating and it has served her well in the three years since her heart was broken by Gideon Beiler. She even has a new suitor: Sol.

When an accident at the shop leaves Mattie injured and basically homeless, she returns to her home in Apple Ridge. Now Mattie is involved in the wedding celebrations of two women who are extremely dear to her and in the constant company of Gideon.

As truths concerning the couples break up surface Mattie must decide if she can once again risk her heart for a love that has already caused her pain.

I loved Mattie's personality and her passion for cakes. My heart broke for Gideon when the truth of his breaking up with Mattie was revealed and I loved the insight into the Amish way of life.

Strong characters and though there is an absence of some heavy romantic scenes the book is still very enjoyable.

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