Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Treasury Of Victorian Murder : The Borden Tragedy by Rick Geary



We all have heard the song and now Geary gives us an account of the gruesome murder at the Borden home at Fall River Massachusetts. In the midst of a summer heatwave and a home filled with tension Andrew and Abby Borden are found brutally murdered in the middle of the day! After an investigation Lizzie Borden is arrested and put on trial.

Geary bases a lot of this volume on a handwritten journey by an anonymous female author who seemed very well versed in facts, and was a personal acquaintance to Lizzie. What is known and unknown about this case is fascinating. The murder weapon was never found, Due to Andrew Borden's strange set up of the house it was quite possible a murderer could hide in plain site and kill two people while the maid and Lizzie occupied other areas of the house.

The trial precedes and though few doubted the outcome based on Lizzie's sex and social status, many were convinced of her guilt.
I really enjoyed having the fact sorted in a case that has been rife with speculation. Another great read by Geary.


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