Monday, January 7, 2013

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Book Goonie wants to know what our “book crack” is. Mine is ZOMBIE BOOKS!! I can’t resist them! I’m supposed to be on a book buying ban until I saw this at B & N and had to snap up the e-book:




I’m also a sucker for a 99 cent e-book sale! In fact there is a  press post on my blog about Cheryl Rainfield's book Parallel Visions book which is 99 cents till the 19th. I recently brought a whole bunch of Pride & Prejudiced themed books due to sourcebooks 12 Days after Christmas e-book sale:


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Soooo addicted to  Darcy though I’ve been afraid to read the novels lest it spoil the original, but the lure of the 99 cent e-book won!
Book Spine Poetry
               OM Love, love that will SCORCH The Girl In the Clockwork Collar to ASH
Booking In Heels has a page 48 challenge! Turn your book to page 48 of your book copy the first full sentence and write what comes next here is the book I’m reading:
   The Sentence : “When Robbie opened the door, my eyes went wide”
My story: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The room contained a several round tables with plenty of chairs. All the tables were covered with Red and White checker print. But Sarah’s eyes went to the center of the room. Towards the large white counter and the cheerful young blond boy standing behind it. “ Is that” Sarah sputtered , “ How can that be??” “ Is that ICE CREAM?!”
Tears began to prick Sarah’s eyes. She had endured loss of home, work and almost limbs and now here in a secret Government bunker not only was their no zombies but there was also Ice Cream! “Life is Good”
Cover Love Mini-Challenge
Ms.Buff  wants us to share some of our favorite covers. here are mine: Annie in the Animals is gorgeously illustrated and has a sweet message.
Saturn Apartments is a manga about the last remaining humans living on a space station thousand of miles above Earth. The color covers are so important and enjoyable because the rest of the book is in Black & White.
Scoundrels ! I’m such a Star Wars Geek! This cover really captures the feel of the novel. Wonderful boos all!
Happy Reading!

MINI-Challenge 1

The Book Barbies is a new blog to me. I love their site and their challenge: Through Scientific discovery you can bring two fictional characters to life, one as your best Friend and one as your love interest, who would you choose?


Elizabeth Bennet/ Darcy

Oh to be friends with Lizzie! I would love to take long walks with her, laugh and drink tea and of course read! I think she would get quite a kick out of modern day bookstores and hiking trails. Then of course I would send her back promising a great adventure and love was on the way to her.

                                             Love Interest

This is hard since all my great literary loves have wonderful ladies that I would hate to part them from! But I have to choose:

Mr.. Darcy! Because I loooove him! So I would use my scientific discovery to pluck him from his book right after he gives Elizabeth the post marriage rejection letter. We would have a lovely 30 day platonic love with maybe a few cheek kisses! I would buoy his spirits, encourage him to keep his heart open and send him back with an open heart and good cheer!

What about you guys who would you bring to life?


Mel said...

I like your Page 48 Challenge story. It made me laugh. :)

Claire said...

I love your page 48 story :) The appearance of ice cream definitely makes the world a better place!

My Page 48 challenge is here if you'd like a look :)

Anne said...

Ice cream is totally worth enduring zombies for. And I say that as one who absolutely hates zombies and zombie stories - they give me the creepy crawlies! Good job!

Pragya said...

Wow scary poem! Nice!

My poem -

Margaret Skipper said...

Wow, i love how all your challenges are on the same page! :D Great poem and love your 48 page too! :D