Monday, January 7, 2013

Graphic History 1 : Saga Of The Bloody Benders by Rick Geary

This was a disturbing read! What has struck me while reading  Geary's series is how certain periods in history were amazing opportunities for those with vicious tendencies.

It's 1870 in Kansas, a heavily trafficked state for those looking to take advantage of the Homestead act, where a piece of land could be purchased for a small fee and five years of labor.

The Bender family arrives and purchases two parcels of land by the Osage Trail a previous Indian migration route now turned into a Commercial route.

John Bender Senior "Pa" and John junior arrive first. They build a home, drinking well, barn and place a crude sign showing their intent to sell groceries.

Then the women arrive Ma bender and daughter Kate, a very attractive young woman.

Their home is a frequent stop by travelers who can get a meal, their animals tended and a pallet to slept on for a fair price.

Kate develops quite a few admirers and even has handbills made advertising her work as a healer and medium.

In the fall of 1871 a body of a man with his head bashed in and throat slit. In 1872 two more bodies are found with smashed skulls and slit throats.

Strange disappearances continue to travelers, especially those carrying large sums of money.

In April of 1873 an abandoned wagon and horses was found with bullet holes and blood present.

The Benders grocery sign was also found in the bottom of the truck. Upon examination of the Benders home a gruesome discovery is found : A basement with blood soaked stones and three hammers. There are also
numerous dead bodies on the property.

Of the Benders no trace was ever found.

This story was so gripping! Another well researched read.

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