Sunday, January 6, 2013

On The Eve of Bout of Books 6.0: Readathon Tips !






Hello Everyone! I’m a read-a-thon junkie! I love clearing books from my shelves and the week long Bout Of Books is one of my favorites. Since I do so many Read-a-thons I thought Id share some tips with you on how I prepare the eve before. Let’s Get to it!


1) Make sure you are officially signed up!

   I always check the Host blog the day before to make sure I'm listed as a participant.

2) Bookmark the Host Site

The Bout of Books site is on my favorites list. That makes it easier to visit the site each day for links to challenges and other Important information.

3) Schedule

 Though there is no pressure involved in any read-a-thon, I find it helps to plan out my week in my blog calendar. I can plan out which days I can:

 Maximize reading: For me Monday and Wednesday mornings, Friday Afternoons and Saturdays are optimum.

Socialize: Tuesday, Wednesday Night and Thursday Night I’m running around for work so it’s a great time for me to twitter chat, visit blogs and encourage readers on twitter.


Make a Reading Stack: I make an impossible stack for reading but only because I like to have a variety of genres. Also be willing to walk away from your stack and pick up your E-reader or even a library book.


Update Posts : I’ve started keeping One separate post for mini-challenges and one post for Updates. I find it easier this way since some challenge hosts require you to leave a link for the contest.


Have Fun: I always have to remind my self to not get caught up in results and just have fun! I also stopped putting the number of books I’ve read online and leave it for the update posts. I’ve noticed that I will sometimes judge my progress by others and seeing that someone else has read 5 books while I’m still on my first used to bum me out! So now I focus on giving exposure to the books I’m reading online and letting my posts boast my mad reading skills, or lack thereof ! ;)


Snacks & Locations : I always stack my fridge during a readathon. It means when I’m home I can just focus on tuning the pages! I also leave my house sometimes to hang at a Starbucks for a change of pace and to avoid distraction.



So there you Go! My Readathon Tips! Happy Reading, Snacking and Connecting during Bout of Books !

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