Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Eyes To See by Joseph Nassise








Tor Books


Eyes deftly blends the genres of Paranormal suspense, Horror and a dash of Mystery. In a  very solid first chapter we learn the basic facts of Jeremiah Hunt’s life. Hunt possesses the power to see and in some cases banish ghosts. It is this talent that funds his one burning passion: to find his daughter Elizabeth who was snatched from his home years earlier.


The Past and Present are very tied together in this novel. With chapters titled Now & Then we learn about the events that lead up to Hunt’s enormous sacrifice. His vision for the ability to see the spirit world.  I was really intrigued by Hunt’s story. The author does a great job at inserting information in various chapters that keeps the pages turning. For the first third of the book I was very engaged until some narrative shifts occurred. The focus shifts to a dark force that is leaving clues for Hunt to find at various murder scenes. Hunt also meets a witch who has been having visions about him. I found my attention scattered by these additions.

The momentum Nassise had built seemed lost for me during the middle portion of the book. As Hunt continues to follow the clues left to him in the vicious murders he comes close to solving the one mystery that has keep him going, discovering the fate of his daughter Elizabeth.


Though a few parts of the book were a bit slow for me, things were tied up nicely in this book with room for further adventures. A very promising debut. i look forward to seeing how this series grows.

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