Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Henry & The Smart Human by L.A. Messina








Tater Tot Books


This was a wonderfully imaginative and sweet read. Imagine a world where Robots are the main form of existence. Life can be quite busy in the Robot world: Work, School, upgrades and socialization. So it’s only natural that super smart Robots would create helper organisms. HueMonTech has just created the utmost in Human technology: The ETC-420-GX-2.


When 13 upgrade Robot Henry Jacobson comes home to discover his family now owns a human his data processors hardly know how to react. E isn’t like all the other Human devices. E has a strange way of talking, can easily process multi-complex tasks, and even has strong socialization skills as he works his way into a friendship with Henry.


E’s talents however can’t stay hidden for long and his lack of commonplace behavior put him in a dangerous spotlight and forces Henry to make some choices way beyond his computation.


This was a quick enjoyable read. It is really enjoyable to learn about Henry’s world. The Robot’s have built a society very similar  to what humans would develop and they reach a lot of the same conclusions when confronted with something new: Use it or Destroy it.


It was so sweet watching Henry go through so many phases before finally rising to the challenge for his friend. There is an action packed finale with an ending that leaves room for more stories.


Very solid fun read!

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