Thursday, January 3, 2013

SERIES SPOTLIGHT : A Treasure of Victorian Murder by Rick Geary

I came across the Treasury of Victorian Murder series at the Library. I immediately checked out the entire series. I've always been intrigued by the Victorian era. In this introductory volume Rick Geary introduces the reader to the Victorian world. It is a world of rapid industrialization, sexual repression and the rising popularity of the lurid news media. This first book profiles 3 cases that captured the public with their mystery and blood soaked elements.
The Ryan Murders
In 1873 Nicholas and Mary Ryan lived in a tenement building in New York. The brother and sister were quiet , pious folk who worked at a shoe factory and kept mostly to themselves, living quiet lives. Lives that are shattered when they are both brutally murdered and it is discovered that Mary was pregnant at the time of her murder.
The Crimes of Dr. E. W. Pritchard
Poisoner most foul!
The Abominable Mrs. Pearcey
A widow murders a young mother and her child.
Geary has done extensive research on each case and the time period as a whole. Geary's art is stunningly detailed and the black and white illustrations add a creepy effect to the stories.
A fascinating start to the series.

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