Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Salon Clearing Space








Happy Sunday Everyone!  This week I participated in Bout Of Books and finished 10 books! The readathon goes until midnight tonight but I think I may be done :) I’m reading a huge stack of comic books that have been sitting around so that does count as reading I guess.


It took me a while but I’m finally in the frame of mind to reduce clutter. I went through my stack of arcs and found about thirty books that I just couldn't get into so I’m donating them. I also went through my closet and put aside a stack of clothes that I  haven't worn for a while and those are going for donation as well.


My next job is to tackle 2012 paperwork. I’ve been feeling really sluggish. It’s colder than usual here in California and I'm lacking a little motivation.


I’m thinking its time to clear space from my schedule this week and just Be. Luckily the readathon left me covered for reviews  for the week and I’m going to write up a lot today for the coming weeks. I am excited that I’m on great track for my reading goals but a break will really help with book burnout. How has your week been ?  

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