Thursday, February 14, 2013

Open Your Heart To Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl







Happy Valentines Day!


Over 4 years ago I received an Arc of Beautiful Creatures at San Diego Comic Con and fell in love! Now the book series that I’ve been enthralled with for several years is now a major motion picture!

The story of Ethan and Lena is rooted in the historical traditions of the South and a unique look at romance and magic. Here are some things that make the book and movie so special:



About A Boy




One of the most unique things about Beautiful Creatures is that the love story is told mostly through Ethan’s narrative voice. A teenage boy in the town of Gatlin, Ethan’s days are full of routine and little surprises. Then  Lena enters his life and his heart. Through his relationship with Lena Ethan learns there is much more to himself and his town then he ever imagined. His capacity to open himself up to Lena and accept every facet of her personality is what makes him such a wonderful character.



About A Girl


I love the differences between Ethan and Lena.  She comes to Gatlin on the eve of one of the most important events in her life: Her sixteenth Birthday. On this day Lena comes into her Caster powers. Casters aren’t well known in the human world, they have been around for generations. Some are drawn to the Light and some to the dark creating a balance of power. Lena’s transformation has the ability to tip the balance  of power in the Caster world. What I loved about Lena was her strength and her vulnerability. She fights really hard against her feelings for Ethan. She is very afraid of her claiming and feels that cutting herself off from everyone is the solution. Fate however has different plans for Lena and Ethan. From their first meeting Lena and Ethan are connected. They share dreams and can hear each others thought’s. As Lena’s claiming day comes ever closer and her moods begin to shift, it is Ethan who keeps her grounded and helps her choose for herself.



Stellar Cast


As each cast member for the Beautiful Creatures Movie became revealed I became more and more excited! Though Lena and Ethan are the center of the BC series there are some wonderful secondary characters that inhabit the couples lives who are both Light and Dark. I’m so excited to see the movie this weekend. I hope I’ve peaked your interest enough to check this series out.

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