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Review: The Eye Of The World GN Volume 3 by Jordan, Dixon & Fiorito






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Volume 3


The Wheel of time series is an epic fantasy series whose final volume has just recently been published. I’ve had good intentions towards the series but I have to confess the number of books in the series seems overwhelming. Then the fine folks at Tor sent me this GN and despite not having read the prior two volumes I was really intrigued with the characters and locations in this volume.


A lot goes on in this volume and there are a lot of characters and relationships that i have to confess I didn't get at first. Chuck Dixon disserves a lot of credit for writing an intriguing scrip that could be easily followed. The characters that stood out the most to me in this volume were Rand, Matt and the Gleeman Thom. The traveling band is under attack from vicious creatures called Trolloc’s. After spending the night in the haunted city of Shadar the group is separated by a vicious well organized attack.

Rand, Matt and Thom escape by sea and once in the city of Whitebridge they learn more news about their pursuers.

For Perrin and Egwene the escape is by forest. They encounter a woodsman named Elyas who offers food and companionship for their journey. The art team of Fiorito and Nuguit are a nice complement to narrative. There is a gorgeous painted quality to the pages and the characters each have a distinctive style.


I was really intrigued by by the characters in this book so much so that I’m going to pick up volume one of the novel and possibly the other two graphic novels in the  series this month! 

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