Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Poison Princess by Kresley Cole







Simon & Schuster


Ah! What a wonderful book! A wonderful blend of dystopia, magic and romance. Sixteen year old Evie Green has just gotten her life back. After returning from a stint in a psychiatric hospital, she is back in Sterling Louisiana among her friends and boyfriend. She is desperate to appear “normal” to smile and laugh and enjoy her friends. If only the dreams would stop. Dark vicious dreams that show the end of the world and the death of all she knows and loves.


As if the dreams weren't enough there are also the voices in her head, voices that urge her to come to them, voices that call her Empress and offer her love and hate, passion and power.


Yet Evie tries to move forward, ignoring the visions and trying to ignore Jack Deveaux a boy who is all wrong for Evie yet is the only person who brings her peace. Then all of Evie’s dreams become reality and Jack seems to be her only salvation.


Evie goes through quite a journey in this book. I was annoyed with her a bit after the apocalypse happened. When Jack shows up to warn her of an approaching danger she doesn't react as quickly as she should, she even is a bit of a brat for awhile which was annoying since she literally has been dreaming for months about the world she now lives in! Yet meeting the first member of her court : Matthew puts Evie on a path to discovering her powers and her place in this new world.


This was such a page turner! I finished the whole book in a day! I really loved the characters and the supernatural elements . I was especially intrigued by the Tarot elements. There is such tremendous amount of growth available for this series that I m really looking forward to watching develop. 

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