Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Too Bright To Hear Too Loud To See by Juliann Garey









This book was such a wonderful experience! The reader is shown many facets of the life of Greyson Todd. Starting with twelve glimpses in to Todd’s psyche right before his shock treatments, his stressful childhood with a troubled father , and his adventures across the world trying to run from a disease that always catches him,and always destroys his hard won foundations.


At first it isn't clear what Todd’s problem is. He seems like a typical self absorbed Hollywood wheeler and dealer. He is focused and often vicious in getting ahead as a studio executive. His actions are labeled passionate and aggressive yet at the heart it is the instability of a man with Bipolar disorder. His manic energy and depressive episodes leave him with a choice that is actually a gift for his family: He leaves.


The narrative of this story is filled with realism and emotional resonance. Todd isn't a very likeable character in the beginning. His narcissism, combined with a possible death wish don't endear him to the reader.


Yet as the story of Todd’s past unfolds it is apparent that there is something deeper behind his dysfunctions. The answers are a revelation that captivates the reader as he walks a path towards balance.


This is an astonishing debut, it is apparent that Juliann has a firm grasp of the effects of Bipolar conditions. I liked that she didn't pull any punches in her description of Todd’s life and experiences.

We see Todd at his lowest and very often don't like him. Yet as he struggles for balance he shows a vulnerability that reshapes the readers opinion of him. Gorgeous descriptive writing and a wonderful ending. this book is one I will remember for sometime to come.

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