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Series Love Review: Crash By Lisa McMann, Visions Book One









Simon Pulse

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Lisa McMann’s Wake series was one of the first series that marked my return to the YA world. I was so excited to hear about Lisa’s new series Visions. Crash is Jules story. The story of a young teen struggling with family issues, unrequited love and a Vision that will force her to put her self at tremendous risk.


From the opening pages I was drawn to Jules. One of Lisa’s many gifts is to tap into the life experiences of young adults. Her characters voices ring so true that you can easily relate to them. Jules has spent many of her days just getting through her life. There are long days at her families pizza parlor along with her siblings Trey and Rowan, the silent shame she shares with her siblings over their Fathers Hoarder behavior and mental instability, and now, an increasingly strong vision showing the destruction of a rival restaurant and her love Sawyer Angotti.


The odds seem extremely stacked against her yet Jules finds an inner strength to risk embarrassment and her own life to understand the vision’s message and save lives. I read this book in a day! The short chapters and engaging plot really draw the reader to keep going page by page. I swear their were a few pages where I barely breathed as the story reached its climax!

Such a wonderful read. I love Lisa’s characters. She chooses to create characters that experience traumas that teens often experience yet rarely speak of. It is a gift to create an engaging story along with inspiring characters that overcome their adversities. I'm so excited for Book Two of Visions: Bang.

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