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Series Love Review : Tales From Lovecraft Middle School #2 The Slither Sisters








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Here we are once again at Lovecraft Middle School! In this book new friends Robert Arthur and Glenn Torkells are in the thick of things in there strange school. The buzz at school centers around recently returned Sarah and Sylvia Price, who had mysteriously disappeared at school. Now the girls are returned and only Arthur and Glenn know where they have been: Another dimension, and what has happened to them: There souls have been removed and their bodies taken over by two vicious creatures.


It can be very tricky with series books to keep the reader up to date on past events along with moving the story forward.Gilman does a great job with the characters and the subplots. In this volume the boys find themselves with unexpected allies and deadlier creatures.

I found myself easily falling back into the story and loved learning a bit more about the strange creatures from other dimensions and their evil plans for our world.

Eugene Smith’s art is a wonderful complement to the story. The special motion magic covers advertise the horror element in the stories but Eugene’s illustrations moving through through the pages really set the scene for the monstrous battles. I really enjoyed the return of Karina the ghost girl who is a tremendous help to Arthur and Glenn.


A very solid , entertaining read. Not only was I greatly entertained but I finally learned the correct way to pronounce Cthulhu! :)



Really enjoying this series, looking forward to book 3

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