Monday, February 18, 2013

Series Love : Review ZOM-B Book Two: Underground by Darren Shan



In this second volume we learn what’s  next for B after having her heart ripped out. B wakes in a windowless room surrounded by zombies. She can barely move  and her limited vision can only take in the helmeted group waving weapons and flamethrowers. Attacking one of the flamethrower wielding group brings B to the attention of the medical staff and soon she is whisked away from the general zombie populace. It seems Z is a sentient zombie. This makes her a very desirable study case. Z is placed with others of her kind: revived. Not every zombie becomes a revived so the group of boys and girls B joins are constantly being observed and tested.

Well we all know what eventually happens to the vicious scientists in a zombie movie right? Eventually things go out of control and secrets about the Reviveds come to light. B grows a lot in this book . She comes to accept her past and makes decisions about who she wants to be in the future.

Shan really delivers in this volume, lots of action and character growth. The illustrations are fantastic. My only complaint would be the length of this volume, I wished it had a few more pages.

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