Saturday, February 2, 2013

Series Love: Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen





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I have the Happy/Sads. You know that feeling when you come to the end of a beloved series ? I have that. Now. :( the great news how ever is that Jesse ended this thing with a bang! Lots of plot twists and … well I’m not going to give everything away.The center of this series has always been the relationship between Dave and Sarah. In ‘Married” the couple was on the brink of divorce until the zombie apocalypse brought them closer together . Through  Flip this Zombie and Eat Slay Love we saw the pair become badass zombie hunters and uncovered a startling conspiracy about the zombie plague and the surviving world.


Now in the Zombie Whisperer the couple safely tucked away in a cabin and Sarah is antsy. What will life hold for them now? Will their marriage survive without the constant adrenaline rush of Zombie hunting? There is also one other secret Sarah is keeping. One that will change their lives forever.


Sarah barely has time to follow these thoughts to conclusion when their retreat is overrun by a zombie hoard. It is the cause of the Hoard that gets the story going. A helicopter lands and an two old friends emerge. Now the couple is on their way to help save the world. Really!

I loved hanging out with Sarah and David again. There were some really interesting plot twists and a very satisfying conclusion to the series. I really looking forward to Jesse’s new series Club Monstrosity.


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Amy @ bookgoonie said...

It was a most AWESOME conclusion to a series. And it made me epically sad for it to end. Good times.