Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Review-a-thon: Adventure Filled Bromance: Wind & The Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is a many splendored thing and comes in many different Shades :) So today I’m reviewing all types of Love Stories. Wishing you a sweet and sexy day with Chocolate and Kisses!



This was my first reading of Grahame’s classic novel and I have to say I was wonderfully enthralled with this book. Grahame’s writing is a character in itself. The writing is lush and descriptive. It did require some frequent referencing back in forth to understand some of the language in the book but overall the read was such a joy! Our guides through this world are Mole and Rat. Beginning in Spring time Mole strays from his home and his cleaning and stumbles into the world of Rat and the river. What a fine gentleman Rat is! He is open and friendly and takes the inexperienced Rat under his wing and the two become fast friends. As the seasons past we see the two of them become true friends. Mole has an overexcited nature and just cant let go of anything he fixates on. Mole’s first obsession is to meet the elusive Badger.

He is so obsessed he wanders off alone and nearly loses his life in search of Badger. Good old Rat however knows the manner of his friend and shows up just in time to rescue him. This is such a wonderful book with a beautiful message about life and nature. Mole and Rat’s friendship is a source of much amusement and warm feelings especially when they have to deal with the madness of Mister Toad. Toad deserves none of the fine feelings and efforts the trio of Rat , Mole and badger extend towards him. Toad is obsessive, self absorbed and barely able to express thanks to the trio who have decided to care for him. A wonderful read. Definitely a book I will re-read in the future.

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