Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Review-a-thon First Love: Love Splat by Rob Scotton

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is a many splendored thing and comes in many different Shades :) So today I’m reviewing all types of Love Stories. Wishing you a sweet and sexy day with Chocolate and Kisses!



Splat loves Valentine's Day. He enjoys buying cards for his classmates, the excitement of getting and giving various cards during the class exchange. Yet this year things are different. This year Splat has a very special Valentine for a girl in his class named Kitten. Splat is nervous around Kitten. her Pretty white fur and playful eyes make him nervous.

Also Splat doesnt know how she feels about him! She playfully rubs his belly and tugs on his tail but what could that possibly mean? Still Splat makes her a special card but now the hard part comes: finding the courage to give it to her!

I'm so in love with this series of Childrens books. Splat is gorgeously illustrated by Rob, I just want to reach in the book and squeeze him! Such a sweet little read with a perfect ending. I vow never to be to old for great books like this. This book brought back warm memories of Valentines past and made me smile :)

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