Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Review-a-thon: Many Shades of Darcy 1: Only Mr. Darcy Will Do



Over the Holidays Sourcebooks had a special sale on a bunch of Darcy themed novels so I swapped them up! In Only, we see a sort of what could have been scenario. what if Darcy hadn't proposed to Elizabeth the first time? What would have happened to the girls if Mr. Bennett had died earlier in the book ? These changes cannot however limit the attraction Darcy feels towards Elizabeth. Darcy finds her and to the best of his ability tries to build a connection with her.

Yet there are still a multitude of obstacles. Elizabeth’s occupation as a governess drops her to an even lower social status. She also has to deal with her conflicted feelings towards Darcy.

This was just an OK read for me. I felt like these characters had very little resemblance to the original. It’s a tough thing to play in Austen’s world. Kara is a solid writer but parts of this book dragged for me. The ending was satisfying and their were a few unique twists but I wasn’t blown away by the narrative.

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