Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Review-a-thon: Twisted Love: Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is a many splendored thing and comes in many different Shades :) So today I’m reviewing all types of Love Stories. Wishing you a sweet and sexy day with Chocolate and Kisses!

Penguin Books
Book 2 In The Crossfire Series
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Ok. I’ve become addicted to this series. I really enjoyed the sexual tension and cavorting  (sexy, sexy. sexy times galore) in the first book and I wondered what a sequel could hold. In the beginning of Reflected we see Gideon and Eva in a semblance of a relationship. Day really shows what the possible day to day life of two broken people trying to forge a life together. There are therapy appointments, working out together, dinners, lunches and the occasional getaway. But as the hearts of these two open the phantoms of the past come to the surface. Eva isn’t running as much as the first book but she does still make mistakes.  Gideon is struggling with his control issues but  he is trying. Except when he stops. Mysteriously Gideon pulls away from Eva. Pictures come out about his social life that break Eva’s heart and yet he offers no explanation, just begging for her to trust him.

Thank god however lovely Eva has grown! Grown enough to distance herself from her emotional triggers and do some research. What she finds, and Gideon’s reasons for his actions come to head with startling revelation and an unexpected death.

I give Sylvia a lot of credit with this book. Because it is possible to have the whole series just be an unending series of bed play, instead she chose to move the characters forward in an interesting way. I was really surprised by the revelation of Gideon's abuse, it was heartbreaking! I also have some concerns with another action of Gideon’s in this book but I wont spoil it here. I’m looking forward to seeing how Sylvia addresses these actions in the next book.

Final Verdict : Treat yourself to this read. I mean no insult but this book can be a relaxation experience. The plot isn't hard to follow and actually might be predictable to many. However there is definitely a  place for these kind of books on my reading pile and hopefully on yours as well.

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