Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wicked Valentine’s Day Readathon Mini-Challenge Page


Hello Everyone this is my page for all the mini-challenges and contests for the Wicked Valentine’s Day Readathon. Happy Reading!

Mini Challenge One

The Love ship

This challenge asks us to pick an established couple and send them on a cruise! Sharing where they would go, the stops, fun things they would do together etc.

I choose Harry & Ginny Potter! After settling in their careers this couple really deserves a little fun! I would have them take an Egyptian cruise in the Spring. Yes Ginny has been there with her family, but that would make it even easier for them since she could show Harry the fun sites. The would take a muggle cruise of course to make it more relaxing,  a ship called the Nile Prince.

Of course Ron and his family would weedle their way onto the trip as well but   Harry , who has spent so much of his life without a family wouldn't mind at all.
They would be a big boisterous group with Hermoine taking charge of their shore leaves so they wouldn't get lost :)

Of course Ron would some how convince Harry to spell a carpet and the foursome would spend a cloudy night amongst the stars and a full moon. Tomb visits and trinkets, Fine dining and dancing and much needed rest for a heroic boy!

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Patrick Castro said...

ooh! Really great pick! I totally love this challenge and your pick!

Happy Reading! :)
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