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Introduction to the Tarot : Guest Post & Giveaway by Kari Lee Townsend





I’ve Really Enjoyed this series! I’ve been so happy to be able to have had review opportunities for all three books. One of my favorite things about the series is the information about psychic gifts that Kari includes in her descriptions of Sunny’s work. I was really looking forward to this book since it centered around the Tarot. I have been intrigued by Tarot decks for a long time and have enjoyed the information and insight I’ve gotten during readings. So for this guest post I asked Kari to share some info with you about doing a Tarot reading. Scroll Down To the bottom to see an example of a reading with my own cards and be sure to COMMENT for a chance to win a signed copy of Trouble in the Tarot.


Here is Kari’s Post:


I am not psychic, and I am not a fortune teller, but I do write a series of books called The Fortune Teller Mysteries. That means when I research a book, I have to get my facts straight. The problem is there are slight variations in the way “real” fortune tellers use the various tools. That being said, what I try to do is include the basics and then add the subtle differences that fascinate me the most. So my main character Sunshine Meadows uses a combination of methods when giving someone a reading. For book three, Trouble in the Tarot, Sunny reads Tarot Cards at the Summer Solstice Carnival in Divinity. I’ve included the method she uses below. Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a signed copy of the book. Good luck.

Sunny’s Tips for How to Read Tarot Cards

1) Prepare your space by covering the surface of a table with a silk scarf to energetically protect the cards (Note: use RWS style tarot cards) from undesirable vibrations (Note: select a color and pattern that enhances but does not clash with the cards, allowing the cards to remain the focal point)

2) Place elemental symbols around the table (pentacle/earth – stone, crystal, pentacle, bowl of salt, or soil) (cups/water – glass of water or a seashell) (wands/fire – candle, wand, or twig) (swords/air – incense, feather, small knife, or athame)

3) Invoke the senses: play soft music, use fanning powder on the cards to keep them from sticking together and makes them feel wonderful (Note: cover each card with powder and wipe it off individually), rub essential oil on your hands, share piece of chocolate or bread with your querent

4) Center yourself by breathing deeply and pulling energy into the core of your being so you can focus and be fully present.

5) Ground yourself by visualizing a connection to the earth, breathing out anxiety and breathing in earth’s stable calming energy. Connect to the universe and to the divine in a conscious and deliberate way, inviting wisdom to flow through you.

6) Ask the Universe to strengthen your connection and guide you and help you to hear or see intuitive information and to relay it to the querent for their greater good

7) Let go of your expectations and trust the insight you receive.

8) Ask the querent for their permission to connect with their Higher Self.

9) Have querent place their hands in front of you, palms up

10) Place your hands over theirs, palm down with palms touching slightly

11) Close your eyes, breathe, and focus on the querent

12) Tune into your Higher Self as it talks to your querent’s Higher self. Ask it to guide you during the reading. Ask that the connection between you remain intact until the reading is complete, then remove your hands

13) Have the querent ask a question

14) Choose a spread (1 card spread, 3 card spread, Celtic cross spread, life spread, or lay out the cards randomly) and then shuffle the cards according to the number of cards in the spread you will use for that particular reading.

15) Have the querent cut the cards into three piles with their non-dominant hand, then pick up the piles in any order and restack them and hand them back to you

16) Deal the cards facedown and then flip them over one at a time for a sense of anticipation and mystery.

17) Scan the cards as a whole and then interpret them individually and then how they work together as a whole.

18) After the reading, thank both your Higher Self and your querent’s Higher Self for their assistance and guidance

19) Gather the cards into a pile and tap three times with your index finger, then close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

20) Center and ground yourself once more and eat a piece of grounding bread or chocolate

21) Cleanse cards before and after each use by making sure all cards are upright and in order, then fan them out and wave them through the incense smoke, imagining any residual energy falling off

22) Blow out candle and incense, then wrap cards in silk cloth and store in a bag with extra room so you can include: rose quartz, obsidian or Tiger’s eye, a sprig of lavender, a rune stone or a talisman.




Because I have experience with the Tarot I modified  Sunny’s tips and did a personal reading using steps 14- 22:


I recently made a decision about my work situation so I decided to do a three card reading to see what energies were surrounding my choice:

I Used The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

This spread is also called the Past Present and Future spread with the Left card representing the Past, middle card Present and Right Card representing the outcome or future



pictures 001





pictures 002



Four of Water

Missing an Opportunity, Discontentment

Water represents emotions in the Tarot and this card really reflects my mental state of the last month since losing a work location. I spent a lot of time feeling overwhelmed. Though its hard to see in this picture the female mermaid’s attention is focused away from the gorgeous cup below her and the three cups to the left of the card. This reflects “drowning” so much in a thought or situation that you cannot see the gifts right in front of you or on the horizon.



The High Priestess

Listening to your Intuition. Have patience. Consider carefully what you want before acting.

The priestess represents female intuition as well as study and quiet time for reflection. Since I just made my decision over the past couple of days, this card reflects the work it took for me to come to a decision. This is also a major Arcana card reflecting that this is an important decision.



The Magician

You are ready! Life is magical

The Magician represents alchemy, the ability to manifest resources and abundance. Another Major Arcana card this card validates that I am on the right track in my decision and a good outcome is possible!


So there you have it! This reading shows how the Tarot can be a tool for insight and information. there are a lot of misconceptions about this practice. I would encourage every one to form their own opinions and give the cards a try if you feel drawn to them


Na said...

I remembering having my own set of tarot cards growing up. I cut it out of a magazine and used to play with it all the time. They still fascinate me and just thinking of their abilities, if there is one appeals to me.



I really love that more people are writing about the Tarot so proper information about their uses gets out there

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Very cool, Kai. I had so much fun doing research for this book.

Anonymous said...

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