Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Geeky Week: Robot Love



Have You guys been watching Robot Combat League ? I’m OBSESSED! I’ve always been intrigued by robots from my earliest exposure to them in movies and TV. So today I want to share with you some of my favorite robots. Here are my favorite from the RCL show:



Check out those cool blades! Also love the purple eyes




Yes the armor loving geek in me is drawn to the name and the design of this bot






Forbidden Planet was a very important movie to me as a kid. I was fortunate to have a TV station that constantly aired Star Trek reruns and classic Sci-FI movies. I was equally excited and terrified by Robby when he appeared in the film.

images (7)


Robby 2

I found Lost In Space to be a very strange show initially, yet I fell in love with this robot. I found him to be more comical than fearful and I loved his relationship with the youngest kids in the Robinson family.

images (5)



Trippy Robots

Disney’s The Black Hole was a  very ambitious movie for it’s time. It worked on many levels for me as a kid. Black Hole required more of its viewers than the average space fare. It had interesting theories about space and time that had checking out a lot of science books after watching it. It was the Robots however that stuck with me.




Ah! from that first moment when Max entered the bridge of the ship! Silent , menacing and barely under control. He stole every scene he was in. I was reminded of Max when I saw Star Wars for the first time. That moment when Vader walks in for the first time evokes that same silent menace of Max.



  images (2)




Vincent and Rob were two extremes of a similar model. Where Vincent was in pristine condition and curious, Rob was on his last legs and literally shook with fear. An interesting duo that added a lot to the film.

  images (4)


images (1)



Comedic Relief


How could I possibly have a list of favorite robots and not include everyone's favorite droids. I love these guys especially in their cartoon adventures.





aDorable Daggett!


I'm probably in the minority but I loved this weird little creature from the original Battlestar. I know to some he may look like a deranged teddy bear but he was the highlight of a lot of episodes for me.

images (8)


So what do you think? have I missed any amazing machines on my list? Happy Geeking Everyone.

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