Monday, March 4, 2013

Review : The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington



This book was a definite add to my wish list due to the premise of the book and because of my fangirl love for Kim’s books. This story centers around Jade, a teen girl excited to move into a bigger house in a more exciting neighborhood. Jade loves her new room and doesn't even mind the new girl treatment she is getting at her new school. However as the weeks pass Jade notices the stares are lingering and the whispers are increasing. It seems that Jade’s former house belonged to one of the most popular girls at school: Kayla.

Kayla who was the dream as well as the nightmare of many of  Jade’s new acquaintances. Kayla who died under suspicious circumstances. Died in her home. Jade’s home. Jade is furious that her family hid the fact from her and the tension increases with her Dad and stepmother.
Just when jade is starting to accept her situation strange things begin to happen. Objects in her room mysteriously begin to move and her brother begins to have horrible nightmares and repeated sightings of a shimmering girl.
After a disasterous party Jade is confronted with the spirit of Kayla and she isn’t happy. With her ability to possess Jade’s brother, Kayla decides Jade must solve the mystery of her death or else. So begins an investigation that will expose Kayla’s deepest secrets and possibly break Jade’s heart.

This book completely sucked me in! I read it in a day and really enjoyed the different plot twists. There were some really great character explorations centering around blended families, the process of grief and the mental landscape of a definite mean girl through Kayla’s diary.

I also loved the fact that Jade was a fan of gemstones. Kim did some thorough research about the properties and uses of gems that added a great element to the story. I loved putting together the clues and trying to figure out who the murderer was, I totally guessed wrong and gasped at the final revelation. Much love for this book a quick yet satisfying read.    

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