Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Odd and the Frost Giants by Gaiman & Helquist



This novel has all the elements of a classic Fairy Tale. There are  Dangers and Heroics centered around  a young hero who is braver than he knows and smarter than many think. For Odd life among his Viking villagers has always been a bit of a struggle. After an accident that left him with a limp coupled with his smallish stature  Odd never really fit in with the others, especially his new stepfather Fat Elfred. One morning Odd decides to leave. He takes a portion of the families food and leaves for his fathers old woodcutting hut.

It is at the hut that a Fox finds Odd and entices him to follow him. Odd then finds himself in the company of two other animals an Eagle and a Bear. After helping the Bear Odd discovers that these animas are actually Thor, Loki and Odin in disguise. The have been tricked by a Frost Giant and now are stranded on Midgard (Earth). Odd realizes that if he doesn't help the trio, winter will stay forever.

Gaiman is a masterful storyteller. This story is barely 60 pages but it is filled with a richness that entrances the reader at every turn of the page. This is my first time seeing the artwork of Brett Helquist but I'm now  quite a fan. My version of this was in e-book form but that didn't effect the quality of the drawings that accompany the story. Such a wonderful treat for readers of all ages.

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