Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce







Little Brown


This book has been sitting on my e-reader for quite a while. So since I’m joining in a Fairy-tale-Readathon this week and a clear your TBR challenge all month it was time to read this puppy! Hmm well maybe Wolf would be a better analogy. The sisters in this story are Scarlett and Rosie March.

The March sisters have lead a pretty isolated life with there grandmother in her cabin. One day a stranger with a strange tattoo shows up at the girls house and their nightmares begin. The stranger is a Fenris, a werewolf who kills the girls grandmother and brutally injures Scarlett.


Flash forward a few years later and the girls are now fierce hinters. For Scarlett the drive to kill wolves is overwhelming. She cannot conceive of any other life. Nothing else matters more to Scarlett but her sister Rosie. For Rosie being a hunter isn't so much a passion as an obligation. Scarlett saved her life, how can she not support her? Rosie does chaff against Scarlett’s overprotective nature however, it has been a constant tug of war between them. The ties between the girls is tugged even tighter with the return of Scarlett’s hunting partner Silas.


Silas stirs strange feelings in Rosie. She feels awkward around him and finds an emotion stronger than her loyalty to her sister and her hunting obligations. As the trio begins to hunt together they are drawn to the city and uncover that all the Fenris packs are focused on finding a new potential Fenris. The city life also shows Rosie many different options. Silas encourages her to try some classes at a community center and think seriously about what she wants for her future. A future that may or may not include Silas.


I enjoyed this book. It was easy to follow and kept my interest but some of the relationships seemed forced. I really felt Scarlett should have been the only female lead in the book. Though a  lot is said of the girls closeness in the narrative, I didn't really feel it. Instead Rosie seemed scared of Scarlett and I didn't think much of Silas for encouraging Rosie to deceive her sister, his former partner.


The action scenes were a lot of fun, but I found the final outcome of the story predictable. I definitely would give this author another try but this book didn't really impress me.




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