Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Geeky Week Review: Hawkeye My Life as a Weapon










I’ve been a fan of the Avengers for awhile. I have to confess however that since the Avengers movie and this guy:



I’ve had quite the Hawkeye crush going lately. Enter Matt Fraction and the artistic team of David Aja and Javier Pulido to elevate my crush to Love!

What I enjoyed so much about this trade was the accessibility of the character. You really don't have to know anything about Marvel Comics or Clint Barton’s past to enjoy this read. Matt has crafted a fun, action packed series of adventures that keep the best elements of Clint’s movie persona while adding  a good dose of humor and spy like intrigue to the book. This is smart move on Fraction and Marvels part since the Avenger franchise is bringing a lot of potential new readers to comic shops.


Issue one and two in the trade throw the reader straight into the action. Clint is falling from a building, falling hard. Later we see Clint recovering in the hospital. Though he is part of a super team, Clint isn't super powered. Released from the hospital Clint returns home and spends time with his neighbors with a rooftop potluck. The buzz in the building is about the forced sale of the building. Clint has a big heart, and a bigger bank balance, at least until he drains his accounts to buy the building from some really rough characters. A great stand alone story that has a sweet ending and really sets the tone for the stories to come.


In issue 2 we meet Kate Bishop a fellow archer and member of the Young Avengers. Clint has a lot of respect for Kate and her skills so he brings her into his next adventure: taking down a criminal circus. Kate is a great character and a great foil for Clint. She matches him one- liner to one-liner and even saves his bacon a few times.


I have to stop here a bit to tall about the art. Comic books are a visual medium. Yes there is reading involved but it is the art that is responsible for the sense of movement and momentum for the story. Aja’s art is stunning, it reflects the grittiness of Clint’s neighborhood, the scruffiness of his physical appearance and  showcases the kinetic movement of archery beautifully.


Issue 3 is a stand alone story once again and revolves around Clint’s knack to  attract pretty women and dangerous situations.

Issue’s 4 and 5  are titled The Tape and have guest appearances by the Avengers and Shield agent Maria Hill. This is a two part caper surrounding a dangerous tape that has the entire underworld in a bidding frenzy.


The final issue is a look at Kate's life in the Young Avengers and how Clint became a mentor to her.


Love, Love , Love this series. The trade format works well with this series since many of the stories build on each other. A wonderful read.

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