Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Share 2

Happy Sunday! I've been relaxing this morning and trying to finish off a few books for:
I met my goal of 10 books but I'd like to at least finish one more book:)
My total books read for 2013 is 139 and according to my Goodreads Challenge I am 35 books ahead!
I have really been trying to read inspiring words every day so I've pulled out this book from my shelves:

What I enjoy about this book is that it has readings for morning and evening, so  you can spend the day reflecting of the writings. I also like the listing of Seasonal activities the author suggests. For spring she recommends walking outside for 15 minutes a day and planting flowers.

Sexy Romance
I was invited to join this Goodreads group this week. I love their avatar!

Witchy Women

I haven't been enjoying a lot of witch themed fiction lately, but these two E-novellas are really enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the sequels for both of them.

Geeky Read

I'm really loving the main character in this book. Set in the Dawn of the Jedi Era, thousands of years before Episode I. Lanoree is a Je'daii journeyman called home to helm a dangerous mission. This book also has an audio version that is read by a female, a first in the Star Wars audio book history .

What I'm Watching

I'm so in love with this series! I also confess to having a bit of a crush on Robin. He is so sweet and funny :) This show is a great for adults and children It's so good I'm worried! Because cartoon network tends to cancel shows I love :( 

OK I have a confession. I never watched Alias! I know I know! I heard one of my favorite geek girls talking about the show online and then found season 1 on sale at Barnes & Noble! So this Memorial day weekend I'm doing an Alias marathon.

So what about you guys? What were the highlights of your week? Share.

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