Thursday, May 16, 2013

TOR/Forge Spotlight Week Day 3: The Human Division by John Scalzi

John Scalzi came on my reading radar through the best selling novel Redshirts. I really enjoyed that novel and looked to read more from him. I started hearing a lot of positive buzz about John's debut novel and quickly added it to my wish list.
I haven't read Old Mans War yet but when I heard The Human Division was new reader friendly I brought Episode One of the series. Each Chapter in the e-book series is only .99 cents. Just recently the entire series has been collected in novel format.

All you need to know about the series players is spelled out in the early pages of this story. The Colonial Union has been the major force behind humanity's attempt to play on the field of the larger galaxy. The Colonial Defense Force is the military arm of the Union, very much needed  in a dangerous galaxy. Yet Earth itself has grown tired of supporting the Union and that includes new recruits.
In this larger playing field we meet Lt. Harry Wilson. A CDF officer who has been assigned to the diplomatic ship the Clarke.

The Clarke is sent to meet an Alien delegation whose original diplomatic contact has been destroyed. As Wilson examines the debris of the previous ship he uncovers a plot that puts the entire Union and human kind in peril.

I'm in love with this series! I read this initial Chapter in half a day and am already working on parts 2 and 3.
There is a great blend of action and humor and I'm really enjoying how each Chapter is a standalone story, yet builds up to a larger interconnected tale.
Scalzi is very comfortable in the universe he has created. He is able to pull from many resources and characters without making a new reader feel lost in the story. 

I'm really looking forward to finishing this series and delving into more of the companion books.

There is also a great week by week companion site on that can enhance your reading. Find it HERE

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Boiler Service said...

I stumbled on this writer a year or two back. If you enjoy tight well written sci fi you will not be disappointed. Great series of books. Read and enjoy.