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My Geeky Week: How IGGPPC Fangirls Celebrate Their Birthdays !



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Hello Everyone! My Birthday is this Sunday and I’m starting my Blog Event Fangirl Summer on Friday! So I thought I would combine these two things and share some info on how other Fangirls are celebrating their special day this month.

One of my Geeky Joys this year has been the discovery of the IGGPPC This wonderful group founded by Leslie Stewart has developed into a online community for Fangirls of all ages and interests. I’ve met some incredible ladies on the site, its such a grrar place to hang out and be geeky with other female fans.

A few of the Girls have June Birthdays as well so I asked them to share their experiences and plans for their natal days!


First Up

Darling Stewie



Leslie is the founder of IGGPPC, and a wonderful blogger! I love how she is celebrating her birthday this Year:




Jessica Nall is an IGGPPC member who shared this wonderful post  on  the joys of having a Summer Birthday:




My birthday is on June 19. I share it with a crap-ton of awesome people: Garfield the cat and Paula Abdul, James I of England, Lou Gehrig, Kathleen Turner, among others. Louis IX decided that Jews should wear yellow badges identifying them on my birthday, the very first recorded game of baseball happened, Dred Scott vs.  Sandford was overturned due to the prohibition of slavery, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was ratified, the Soviet occupation of Hungary ended, the Rosenburgs were executed in Sing Sing, and slaves in Texas are finally informed that they are free, resulting in one of the largest African American celebrations in the West, Juneteenth. Apparently, (I had to just learn this) Eratosthenes estimated the circumference of the Earth with two sticks, the English gave up on Roanoke, the first Father’s Day was celebrated (this was also a problem growing up….every so often, I share my birthday with Father’s Day), NARA (The National Archives) was established, Batman premiered in 1989, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened in London on my birthday. I have an awesome birthday, but if you told this to 8-year old me…I wouldn’t believe you. 8-year old me harbors a lot of resentment for the fact that my birthday is in June…and not during the school year.

Where I grew up, there is this thing call Springspree. It's the city's oldest outdoor party and it is awesome. The dance studio I grew up in always performed and spent the entire day hanging out. It often happened on my birthday or near my birthday...and it was a great birthday celebration. I got to hang out with the people I loved most in the world and it wasn't all about me. It was about celebrating the city and the fact that it was now officially summer. And face painting. Always face painting.

My sixteenth birthday was a blow out of epic proportions. We spray painted my first car and it was the last time I actually wanted to celebrate my birthday. There were rubber duckies (which fueled a blue and yellow passion to want to have a blue and yellow and rubber duck nightmare of a bathroom). We had Hot Wheels plates and ate barbeque. And watermelon. If you have a summer birthday, you have to have watermelon. It’s a requirement. I didn’t make the rules…it’s just, when you get to June 19; it’s starting to be really great watermelon time. It’s cool and sweet and refreshing.

My birthday since then has been much quieter. Usually we go see the new Disney/Pixar/animated movie. (This year…so excited! Monsters University!!!!!) Last year was a fandom birthday like no other. I introduced my mom to and Etsy. Etsy does not seem to be a reoccurring problem for my mom…but ThinkGeek is something she returns to on her own to buy very awesome presents. She made me my very own million-yard long Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf. It’s very hot…and very heavy. I love it.

While I know it’s about a week or so before my birthday, I watch the Tony Awards. It’s how I celebrate me. I’ve always been a theatre nerd…and the Tony’s are the ultimate theatre celebration of all things theatre. I sit and pretend as if I know what is going on in the theatre scene or I get inspired to see what will be coming through town. Being in Denver, we often get first tour rights. Last year, we got Book of Mormon, which is fantastically hilarious. (Actually, as I write this, I am watching the Tony’s. With my cat. He apparently loves theatre. Who knew?)

Because I’m a history nerd, I had to share all of the things that happened on my birthday. And really, I didn’t. There are too many and this would become a post about what was, not about what I do. I would like to travel back in time and tell my bitter 8-year old self that, to quote the PSA, it does get better. You can celebrate a birthday with Disney/Pixar/animated movie and the Tony’s. You get to have wonderful geeky presents and summer blockbusters. And those girls that you so desperately want to have at your party? They’re bitches and you aren’t even friends with them in five years. So, have your cake and barbeque and watermelon and wait, because summer birthdays are the best. There is always something to do.


Happy Reading!

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