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Read-a-long Updates: Inkheart & Wives and Daughters: Week 4




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EMS Reviews is hosting the readalong for Inkheart with some other bloggers. I haven't read the series before and I’m enjoying it so far.


Unputdownables Is hosting the Wives & daughters readalong


Wives & Daughters Week 4

So much action in this reading chunk.We see the newlywed’s returned and the changes to the Gibson household. I felt so bad for molly this section! She really has taken Rodger’s advice to heart but I secretly wish she could somehow get even with her new mother! The Hamley scenes are so bittersweet. I love that Molly has people who love her for herself and we draw ever closer toward the revelation on Osborn’s secret. I love that the Hamley brothers are so good to each other. They have a genuine supportive relationship. It is still hard to hear the way the Squire talks about his expectations between the two. Rodger is such a gem yet his die is cast being the second son. Now back to reading! Cynthia is coming!!


 Wives & Daughters Week 3


In this part we witness the marriage of Mr. Gibson and Hyacinth. It’s quite obvious that there are dramatic changes in store. Hyacinth is a quite subtle villain. She is extremely self absorbed and Molly watches her tear apart the domestic bliss of  Molly and her father.


I’ve also started re-watching the wonderful BBC adaption of the book:





This is a wonderful adaption!! I especially love the casting of Michael Gabon by Squire Hamley. Justine Waddell is wonderful as Molly and Anthony Howell does a great job  as Rodger Hamley. Francesca Annis steals every scene as Hyacinth. She is the exact embodiment of the character from the book. Looking forward to week 4.

Wives & Daughters Week 2

We have a large jump in time in this second chunk of reading! Molly is now of age and is sent to the Hambly’s as a companion and to avoid a tricky case of puppy love she isn’t aware that she is the focus of. This book is unfolding at a leisurely pace and I’m enjoying the journey.

 Inkheart Week 4

I confess, I’ve failed with this book but I’m hoping to do better with Inkspell. I did read enough to get a sense of the book and of course the ending but life interfered. Overall very enjoyable.


Inkheart Week 3

I’m horribly behind ! so I’m catching up as fast as I can lots of revelations this week building up to the finale.


Inkheart Week 2

Ah! Mo’s secret is revealed. I love the concept of SPOILERS: Mo being able to read characters in and out of books. I really love how Meggie and Elinor are portrayed. In many ways they are stronger than Mo . Mo seems to have a great deal of stress lifted from him due to his confession. There is a lot of menacing dialogue and frankly I’m worried for our little band :)



Inkheart Week 1

just a few pages into this book and I knew two things:

1) I’m going to have to own physical copies of the entire series :)

2) I’m going to need a journal to write down all my favorite quotes!


In these opening chapters I fell in love with Meggie. She has all the qualities of a young girl raised by an Adult. She has a sharp mind and is sometimes more practical about things then her father Mo. There is a wonderful series of chapters about the two characters love of books before the main action of this part begins. There has been a lot of foreshadowing about Meggie’s fathers secret so I’m looking forward to the big reveal.



Wives and Daughters Week 1


This is a big historical! Over 500 pages on my E-reader! I’m excited to be reading this through out the summer with the Unputdownables. In these opening chapters we delve into the world of Molly Gibson and her father Dr. Gibson. Set in an English town in the 1830’s this story  centers around the lives and loves of the town. these opening chapters gradually introduce us to Molly’s world and her Father. I’ve grown really attached to young Molly! I’m looking forward to seeing how she grows :)

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