Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Entwined with You by Sylvia Day










Yeah, so take one book buying ban, add my Birthday Month and some gift cards and you get me not waiting forever for the library to give me Entwined with you! Also umm, me breaking ANOTHER book buying ban!


So here we are again with Gideon and Eva. After two books and many false starts, the two seem on track to building the foundations of a relationship. Especially since  Eva has  strong suspicions that Gideon may have committed a horrible crime to protect her. For an abuse survivor this act actually makes Eva feel closer to Gideon and confident of his love for her.  Frankly I found it really disturbing that Eva was ok with the thought of Gideon being a murderer. It was the only off putting thing fro me about the series. However it might be a perfectly normal reaction for someone that has had experiences like Eva has.

As the story moves forward the pair play a Cat & Mouse game with the public, their friends and families. They pretend to be broken up during the day yet secretly spend passionate nights together. I give Sylvia a lot of credit with the sexy bits in this book. Eva & Gideon are highly sexual and Day is able to keep the romance scenes really hot!There is also a lot of family drama on Eva’s side of the family to also keep the  book exciting. There are huge shifts for many of the characters in this book especially Eva and Gideon. I also loved the various subplots with Eva’s mother and coworkers. It is interesting how these characters have snuck up on me and become as important as the main characters.


I still struggle a bit overall with some of the characters dialogue but each book in the series gets progressively better. This was such a page turner and not just because of the sexy times :) I read this in a day and cant wait for book 4. Perfect summer read!

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