Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Lovin Readathon Update: Final Wrap Up


It’s time! Summer Lovin Readathon starts now!! I’m Kai of Fiction State of Mind. I have been blogging for about three years now and I live in Los Angeles California. I love Fiction books of all Genre’s but I have a few non-fiction books as potentials for the readathon.  My goal is 7 books!

Final Wrap Up!!

This week went so fast! I got a lot of reading done but not much socalizing or min-challenges. still I met some wonderful people :)

Total Books Read:
12!! Way past my goal of 7 How did you guys do?

Day Four

Tears on My Pillow” Participation Post:
“Share a quote from your current read or tell us about a book that really pulled on your heart strings. What was it about that book/quote that made you “

I just think of this book and I start to tear up! Clockwork Princess is one of the most perfect ends to a trilogy I have ever read! I sobbed at the ending reread it and cried again and barely made it through a third reading without a sniffle! Perfection!

Mini-Challenge 2


Photo by yogikai
Book Spine Poetry #summerlovin13

Books Read:
Ewoks Join the Fight
Daytripper (GN)
Molly Danger Vol 1 (GN)

Toital Books Read Today:
Total Books Read:
Books read:
The Dominant by Tara Sue Me
Total Books Read:
Books Read:
The Storyteller vol 1
Total Books Read:
Books Read:
Peter Panzerfaust vol 1
Thrilling adventure Hour GN
The Shadow vol 2
DC Super Pets Encyclopedia 
Night of a Thousand Doomdays
Total Books Read:
Books Read:
Doctor Who Volume 1
Total Books Read:


Books Read:
The Arrrangement
Total Books Read:

Books Read :
The Chief
Total Books Read:


  • Grab the book you're currently reading (or recently read) 
  • Open to a random page 
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page  NO spoilers allowed! Choose passages void of spoilers. The goal is to entice, yet not ruin the book for others! 
  • Share the title & author, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teasers!

    I choose this book:

    “It doesn’t matter where you're from …or how you feel… There is always peace in a strong cup of coffee”

    “Why do you travel so much asked the little man. When I am away from home I remember how much I miss my family. And once I finally return they always remember how much they love me”

    Amazing Read!! Check it out : Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel BA

    Here are a few of the books I hope to finish this week:

    13237706  13596166

    The Returned;   15783514

    Happy Reading everyone!!

    Kathy Ann Coleman said...

    Hello :) Can't say I've read any of those, but I have heard good things about Neil Gaiman. Happy reading and have a great week! :D

    Ana @ Anahera Reads said...

    Oh yes, Neil Gaiman! I have to squee because I enjoyed his books. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is one of his that I have yet to read though. :( I really want to get around to reading it.

    Happy reading! :D

    collettakay said...

    You are braver than I am. I set my goal for 5 books. Good luck :)


    Octavia said...

    Oh I really want to read Joyland and The Ocean at the End of the Street! And awesome goal! 7 books in a week use to be a normal occurence for me but lately I've been lucky to finish 2 books in a week!

    Good luck with your goal and have fun this week!

    Octavia of <a href=">Read. Sleep. Repeat.</a>

    Michelle Miller said...

    Ooooh, I SO want to read Joyland! You definitely have some good ones lined up. Hope you get a lot of reading in.

    Happy read-a-thon!

    Angelica Joy said...

    Thanks for sharing Day Tripper's teaser, I'll definitely be looking into that as the teaser is great and I love the cover!!!

    My Class Orientation post

    Christine D. said...

    Your poem is short and sweet and eerie! Thanks for entering!

    Mary-andering Creatively said...


    Loved your sharing today. I loved the Spine Poem too. Amazing and creative. I will put your book on my must read list on Good Reads.

    MJ said...

    Wow - 12 books! Congrats!

    Here’s my Wrap Up Post

    Jenna said...

    You read twelve?! Way to go, friend! That's amazing!
    Jenn @ Book Beats

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! 12 books. Congratulations. :D