Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Share 4: Reading,Events, Planning, and Comment Circles


Happy Sunday! Time for my Sunday Share. This week was pretty interesting. I felt like I had to fight for time to read! I have the capacity to put pressure on my self with my reading pile and events. So I’m focusing on breathing and remembering that I signed up for these events for fun and social connections with other bloggers.

Reading Stats

I read 4 books this week. My total books read for 2013 is 145. I’m 31 books ahead in my goodreads reading challenge. I really need to stop being so hard on myself! The Books:

This is mostly a craft book but It also has stories




Star Wars Into The Void

The Unicorn and Other Poems



Armchair BEA


Armchair BEA 1

I did really well with this event and only have the wrap up post tomorrow. I did two twitter chats, followed a lot of bloggers on twitter and bloglovin, entered some contests ( will do more later today), and won a prize! Really good over all :)



One of the things I saw mentioned in the Armchair BEA tweets was bloggers wanting more comments and feedback on their posts. I really want that too so I’m taking action!! On my Twitter page : @yogikai I started a list called Comment Circle. I’m adding bloggers I regularly interact with so I can make an effort to comment on their blogs and hoping the consistency of this action will lead to reciprocation. I also will be hosting an event at some point this summer to spread the idea. If you want to be a part of my circle leave me an @reply with #CommentCircle  as a tag.







Roofbeam Reader ‘s event started this week. I have until July so I’m not going to stress :) Here are the books I got for the challenge from the library:







Library Haul

So I went to the library to pick up the above three books and got all of these as well (book addict)





107022  28194






At Home on the Range_forprinter  13528893






Summer Plans

Summer seems to go so quickly as an adult! Summer seems to pass me by and I think I didn't get to do this or experience that. I was inspired by this Entertainments Weekly issue to plan out the things I want to accomplish this summer:







I’m using this journal to keep track of what I do and to write my experiences down in. I will also be doing a series of posts about it.



So what was your week like? Share :)

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