Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beats Review: Drive by Hettie Jones









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I’m reading Hettie’s memoir how I became Hettie Jones later this month, but I decided to read her poetry collection first.

I read Drive in one sitting. From Hard Drive  to Seven Songs at Sixty I experienced the life of what I would call the “universal woman” . There is such a shared experience among women and while reading about Hettie’s experiences  I found myself nodding in many places through out this read, and awed that she could find the words to express shared so many  conditions universal to all humans.

Many of the poems like The woman in the green car and Ode to my car reflect the passage of time and experiences through the front window  of an automobile.

There are many lines that stick with me still, pieces of verse that are floating around my brain coming to the forefront of my mind late at night and during my work commute.

Hettie’s poetic language is languorous, abrupt, sharp and smooth. she is many things to many people during the years chronicled in this  book, but what shines out the brightest is the way she views the world with both questions and acceptance. A wonderful read!

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