Friday, June 7, 2013

Witchy Women Dual Review : Witches Brew & The Witch Collector by Kling & Nyhan




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Harper Teen & Coliloquy



I’m going to be honest with you. I haven’t really been enjoying Witch Genre books lately. The market seems to be so flooded with witch themed reads that I’ve experienced burnout with the gene as a whole. These two reads however have rejuvenated my interest in the topic!



I’ve been a fan of Heidi Kling since reading her book Sea. She is a wonderful writer and one of my favorite friends on twitter. Witches Brew is actually an app. At different points in the narrative the reader makes a choice in where the next phase of the narrative will shift too. The publishers are referring to it as Active Fiction, and Heidi even plans to have the flow of the series be very dependent on readers choices. It’s an interesting reading experience.


In this part of the story the reader is introduced to Lily’s world. Lily is a witch on the cusp of an important rite of passage. In Lily’s world Witches and Warlocks live apart from each other, only meeting on a magical battle ground for Solstice Stones that will enhance their magical gifts. While searching for a way to enhance her chances Lily comes into contact with the Warlock Logan. There is an instant connection between the two, an impossible connection considering the state of their world. But some things are meant to be and destiny cannot be fought no matter what path you choose.


A great start to the series. I did notice a lot of explanatory dialogue that really can’t be avoided with this type of world building story. I had a lot of fun with my choices :) I chose to not have Lily meet Logan right away ( I really don't like that, instant meet and fall and love trend) , yet he still popped up a few pages later. Can’t fight fate! A solid start to a series I will be following .


The Witch Collector

Harper Teen has been releasing some amazing novellas. This is part one of Breeda’s story. Breeda is a young witch whose parents have mysteriously fled their Oregon coven for Chicago. Barely one night in Chicago and the families apartment is trashed and Breeda’s parents are missing. To make matters worse Breeda is sick and getting sicker by the moment. Breeda is on the cusp of manifesting her powers and has no support. She is fortunate to stumble upon a group of young witches who work to help her find her parents and control her powers. This was a very solid interesting read. I really was intrigued with the mystery surrounding Breeda’s parents and her powers. I will definitely be picking up part 2.  


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