Monday, July 29, 2013

Fan Girl Summer Author Spotlight: Jeffrey Brown: A Matter of Life


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I discovered Jeffrey Brown because of these books:

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I’ve become quite a Fangirl of his because of them :)


A matter for life is a more personal narration of Jeffrey’s personal experiences with faith. Jeffrey grew up in a Christian household because his Father was a minister. Church was a part of his life and he spent many afternoons and evenings in his father’s study drawing between services and church events.

As he got older however Jeff began to examine the beliefs that he was so used to repeating. That exploration came to a head when one day he received a call from a fellow parishioner about his absence from church. When the caller asked if they could keep Jeff in his prayers he replied it wasn’t necessary because “ I'm not a Christian”.


It is a form of “ coming out” that removes a huge burden that Jeffrey was scarcely aware he was carrying. The rest of this book  beautifully shows how Jeff and his family adapt to this new information and how a parent creates a space for his child to chose his own path. I really loved this book. I found it extremely uplifting how Jeffrey was able to strengthen the bonds with his family despite their religious differences. This book really shows how wonderfully personal memoirs work in the graphic novel format.

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